What will my Future be? …. I wonder!

(For every girl on International day of the girl child, 2017)

The popular 1965 home video “The sound of music” tells the story of a Nun, Maria, who had an internal conflict with the secluded lifestyle of the convent. She was usually found sneaking out to enjoy the views of The futurethe mountains and in the process forget about prayer times. Eventually, the Reverend Mother wisely gave her an opportunity to get out of the convent. She was to be a governess taking care of seven children who had lost their mother. Maria was devastated. In one part of her heart, she really wanted to be a Nun! But, at the same time, she could not deny the fact that she loved the outdoors! Thanks to the wise Reverend Mother, who promised her that she could always come back to the Convent if she didn’t like the job, Maria was persuaded to try. If you have watched the movie, you will remember the Reverend Mother’s song “Climb every mountain”:


Climb every mountain, Search high and low.

Follow every byway, Till you find your dream.


A dream that will need, All the love you can give.

Everyday of your life, For as long as you live.


Climb every mountain, Ford every stream,

Follow every rainbow, Till you find your dream.


The Reverend Mother encouraged Maria to never stop trying until her heart’s desire was satisfied. In life, we all have something we were created to achieve. As we grow up, we begin to understand our desires and passions.  Sometimes, our environment does not give us immediate opportunity to fulfil these desires but, we must never kill them. We must keep looking for new opportunities to achieve them. This is what the Reverend Mother was telling Maria. Don’t settle for less than your heart’s desire. We can only find fulfilment when we are doing what we were created for – that deep seated desire of your heart.

Maria took the challenge and on her way, out of the convent, away from all the people she knew, and the familiar environment, she sang “I have confidence”:

What will this day be like? I wonder.

What will my future be? I wonder.

It could be so exciting to be out in the world to be free.

My heart should be widely rejoicing.

Oh, what’s the matter with me?

I always longed for adventure

To do the things I’ve never dared.

Now here I am facing adventure

Then why am I so scare


A captain with seven children?

What’s so fearsome about that!

Oh I must stop these doubts, All these worries.

If I don’t I just know I’ll turn back!

I must dream of the things I am seeking,

I am seeking the courage I lack!

The courage to serve them with reliance.

Face my mistakes without defiance.

Show them I am worthy

And while I show them, I’ll show me!

So, let them bring on all their problems.

I’ll do better than my best.

I have confidence. They’ll put me to the test.

But I’ll make them see I have confidence in me!


In life, you must encourage yourself! If you wait for others to encourage and believe in you and your dreams, you will always be disappointed! Even your closest friends, parents and siblings may not always encourage you to take on new opportunities. You must build the courage to say to yourself, like Maria sang to herself: “I have confidence. They’ll put me to the test. But I’ll make them see I have confidence in me!

Let your mindset be – “I will always give it a try”! Do

your research, ask questions, but don’t just take no for an answer. Don’t let anyone tell you simply “you can’t do it”, “nobody has ever done that”, “it’s impossible”. Never put yourself in a position where you will say “if only I had known and tried” in the future. Record breakers are those who push the boundaries of what is currently possible. We all tend to be afraid of the unknown.

Even in physics, there is a force called inertia. It is the force that does not allow objects to change position or direction. It makes them stay put in their comfort zone. For any object to change its position, an external force must act on it! So, you must constantly provide that external stimulus to improve your mindset by reading, studying, travelling, learning, researching, getting a mentor etc, so that you continually force yourself out of inertia to achieve great things!

So, what will your future be? Stop wondering. Be confident and go for it!!!


Oluwatoyin Adelakun-Adeyemo

CEO, Wisdom Impact House


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