Wisdom Impact House Activities are called projects. The Core project of Wisdom Impact House is the Wisdom Impact Club (WIC).

Wisdom Impact Club (WIC): WIC is an after school (afternoon) club run with children aged 11-16 years old (typically secondary school students). Young people become members of the club through application by writing a essay titled “What I would like to be in future”. club meeting are held regularly (once a week) and the club activities include seminars, workshops, inter-club competitions and educational trips. At the end of each school year, there is a Grande Finale where the schools in each town or city come togther to celebrate their achievements.

WIH Child Rescue project(WCR): WCR is a project aimed at getting the 15million out-of-school children accross Nigeria, back into school. The project objectives are to locate such children, attend to their social need and get them back into school.

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