Donate: Support a child to stay in school today

Wisdom Impact House (WIH) focuses on “empowering young people for future relevance“. We believe this can be best achieved by ensuring young people are access learning opportunities are available, affordable and accessible to young people.

Therefore, WIH focuses on supporting young people to enrol and stay in formal education until the end of secondary school and acquire vocational skills along side. WIH also conducts regular monitoring of the students in school as well as conducting extra lessons to cover gaps in reading skill.

We need your support to make this happen for as many young people as possible.

WIH currently supports 38 students at different levels of education from primary to senior secondary school in the north central zone of Nigeria. Our 2021/2022 academic session budget is N526,400 covering books and fees for 38 students already enrolled in schools in the FCT and Kogi state. We also want to enrol 10 new children back into Junior (5) and Senior Secondary (5) School at a budget of N344,750.

How you can help?

Monthly – pay monthly to support one or more children to stay in school

  • N1,900 Senior Secondary
  • N1,350 Junior Secondary
  • N400 Primary School
  • N620 Early years
  • *covers fees and books for one student

Termly – support one or more children to stay in school for one more term

  • N7,500 Senior Secondary
  • N5,300 Junior Secondary
  • N1,500 Primary School
  • N2,500 Early years
  • *covers fees and books per term for one student

Annually – support one or more children to stay in school for one more academic session

  • N22,600 Senior Secondary
  • N15,850 Junior Secondary
  • N4,400 Primary School
  • N7,400 Early years
  • *covers fees and books annually for one student

One off support for a child to get enrolled in school

  • N41,800 Senior Secondary
  • N27,150 Junior Secondary
  • N13,000 Primary School
  • N13,000 Early years
  • *covers fees, book & uniforms for first school year for one student

Donate through electronic transfer

Web Payment through paystack:

Bank Transfer:

Wisdom Impact House Foundation Guaranty Trust Bank Nigeria.

Naira Account: 0470302610

USD Account: 0470302634 Swift Code: GTBINGLA

Need help deciding what to do? Please contact us.