International Day of Education: SDG4 Where are we?

It’s another day to remember the value of Education and everything it contributes to our society. Education is the foundation of everything we see around us today. Civilization as we know it will not be if not for the contribution of education in preserving and communicating history, documenting and transferring knowledge from one generation to the next.

Sadly, so many people are still not having access to the most basic education that will set them on the path for lifelong learning. Across the world, shortages in schools and teachers continue to pose a great challenge to meeting the sustainable development goals, especially SDG4 – Education.
As we celebrate today, we must not loose sight of the giant strides and global efforts being made towards ensuring education for all. Incredible stories continue to inspire us as we march towards #SDG2030.

In Nigeria, you can pick a an-out-of school child and enroll them in school… Do your bit on #EducationDay to move closer to the goal…

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