Raising Timothy

In today’s world, the news headlines are simply alarming! The values held sacred 20 years ago have been trampled in the mud. Sadly, the dignity of humans has also been gradually erroded as society continues to re-evaluate what is acceptable or not. In the midst of these, children are growing up.

While their parents would feel a clear sense of identity and allignment, their children are not so clear cut. As they are fed various species of value systems, it is not uncommon to find children having great difficulty deciding between what is wrong or right! Interstingly, the core makeup of human beings has not changed. The core values needed for success in life have not changed either. Discipline, Focus, self-esteem, hardwork, honesty, integrity, faith, are all still very much part of the mix. However, today’s children seem to embrace quite the opposite.

While parents may be here for  while to prop up their children, sooner or later, they will have to stand on their own. Will they have what it takes to build a home, hold down a job, build a successful business, excel in politics, uphold the faith?

In 2 Timothy 1:5, the great apostle Paul wrote a attestation to Timothy. He said \”I remember your genuine faith, for you share the faith that first filled your grandmother, Lois and your mother, Eunice. And I know that faith continues strong in you”.

Raising Timothy Family Conference is a clarion call to all parents, grandparents, teachers and youth workers to make a concerted and concious effort to raise timothy – the next generation of social, intellectual, spiritual, political and business leaders. Unless we start now, we risk loosing a generation. May that not happen on our watch!

Friends, come let’s set about Raising Timothy together.
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