2021 Tax Returns for WIH Filed

I spent most of the day today trying to file my tax returns with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). I had worked with my acocuntant previously to get the audited accounts prepared in order to file it with the FIRS as is statutorily expected of all organisations.

The FIRS now has an online filing portal after which you simply submit the printed original copy of the Audited accounts.

Well, this was my first time using the portal so it took me hours. However, it was well invested as I am now confident to file the required monthly VAT and WHT as well as the Annual Report.

Running an organisation truly requires a lot and this build up your competence because at the start you have to wear all the hats. Even though this can be stressful, it brings great rewards later because you will truly understand your business and be better prepared to direct it as it grows.

Wisdom Impact House has its eyes set on growing to becoming a foremost organisation support marginalised youths to get back on track and make a great future. we are committed to doing business the way it ought to be, so we can build a strong foundation or our future.

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